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Silver Glitz & Glam Face Mask (Large Size)

R 62.50 R 125

"Adorable - Masks" - Glitz & Glam - Silver 

Available in plain colours as well as Exclusive Prints to Adore Couture.

Polyester satin and silk fabrics are known to be less absorbent, quick drying and strong filtering capabilities due to fabric being non-woven. 

It is also very soft, light and gentle on the face allowing easy breathing and to ensure a more comfortable wear.

The second layer is Spunbond - non woven fabric/interlining. The interfacing is strong (tear-resistant) and stable, air permeable as well as fire resistant. 

We have used a smooth round elastic which is adjustable to tighten to facilitate a more comfortable fit.

It is recommended by the South African government to have two masks on hand. One to use and one to wash. Once the mask has been washed and dried, use a steam iron to iron the mask to kill off any unwanted bacteria.

This mask will only help minimise the spread of the virus as a barrier on your nose and mouth. It will not eliminate the chances of spreading or contracting the disease. It is still vital to regularly wash your hands, not touch your face and respect social distancing guidelines.

Please take note that the masks have not been medically approved. However we have performed the lighter test and we have passed the test. 

These masks are proudly South African, made with love to ensure a more glamorous look to your lockdown or work outfit. 

Lead time: 2-5 working days to dispatch and 1-3 working days for courier. We are able to deliver during lockdown as it is an essential item.

Please send us an email on if you would like to order bulk quantities above 4 masks as we can offer a better pricing.

Please Check Your Orders Before Paying! No Exchanges, No Refunds, No Add On’s, No Changes Once Order is Processed, No Collections, Courier Only During Lockdown.

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