Adore Couture has been chosen to represent South Africa at The Daytime Emmys in front of renowned influencers, celebrities and tv show personnel - the best storytellers of television. In which the business partners of the team will get the opportunity to engage with the 130 nominees, the producers of daytime tv shows, bring their story and products to each individual guest and feature on one of the shows.

This is the number 1 networking opportunity for brands, one-on-one with the greatest people in the industry that aim to promote the brand. It is a highly exclusive event and is a great way to get to know the most influential people of television more intimately highlighting the brand in its glory.


1. British Vogue: May, June and July issues 

2. British GQ: June, July and August issues

3. Vanity Fair UK: May, June and July issues 

4. Tatler